Custom Screen Printing

& Embroidery

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Custom Online Stores

We can add Embroidered, Screen Printed, Sublimation, Vinyl and Laser Engraved Items to your store.


Do you want a store built? Just email me at and we can get one started!!

How it works:


1.  You pick which items you want on your store

2.  You send us your artwork or we work with you to create artwork

3.  You tell us how you want us to handle the store options

  • Payment options
    • We accept Credit Cards on the store or,
    • We do a Purchase Order from the store that you pay when the store is complete (ie.. your business wants your employees to order but the business wants to pay the bill)
  • Shipping options
    • We ship each persons order directly to them
    • We individually bag each persons order for you to distribute to them (ie..When a coach wants to get everyones order and distribute it to the team)
  •  Names/Numbers
    • We can add options on items so that people can get their item personalized with a Name and/or a Number (ie.. Polo shirts with the employees name embroidered on the right chest or team jerseys with a name and number on the back)
  • Store opening and closing dates

4.  We build the store (free of charge)

5.  We send you a link to your online store

6.  You send the link to your team, customers, employees or whoever you would like to purchase items from your store. (even post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc...)

7.  Stores typically stay open for 10 to 14 days

8.  Once the store closes, we complete all the orders that were placed (usually 7-10 business days)

9.  We distribute the items based on what shipping or pickup options you set


And your store is compete!!

Did I mention....we save your store for future use in-case you decide you want to run it again next year



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